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School Reports:

Meadstead Primary School, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
1974 "graham's written work is very good and he enjoys writing stories." english
1974 "graham is quiet in class and he gets on with the work. he gets on well with the other children."
1974 "graham writes some interesting stories."
1975 "enjoys drawing and painting - in which he is painstakingly tidy."
1975 "a quiet well-mannered serious boy."
1976 "i think he sometimes worries too much, i would like to think that he enjoyed his work more." maths
1976 "graham is a bright child and also a hard worker. he is very well-behaved, but could afford to be a little more talkative."
1977 "graham can be relied upon to produce work of a good standard, perhaps the only fault being that it lacks imagination." english
1977 "graham is a quiet thoughtful boy."
1978 "graham's recent work has not met his previous standard. perhaps a little more outward enthusiasm for his work would not come amiss." english

Royston Comprehensive school, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
1978 "showing great promise in his written work. his weakest point is his spelling, but he is making great strides with regard to this and mistakes are becoming rarer. he is a quiet boy who doesn't push himself in discussion, but with more confidence i am sure he will overcome his shyness." english
1978 "he is very reserved."
1978 "some poor marks show a lack of effort." maths
1979 "rather quiet at times"
1979 "74%. this was the top mark for the class and compares favourably with those of the top band." history
1979 "rather quiet in class. he did well in the recent examination, coming top of the form." french
1979 "showed a keen interest in basketball." p.e.
1979 summer attendances (half days) 166/166.
1980 "his classwork shows originality and determination. if he can maintain his obvious keen approach to his artwork he will become a skilled craftsman of quality. a little more preparation and thought over his work may help his obvious talent to develop as it should." art
1980 "graham has lots of creative and practical talent, but he seems to have lost interest since options have been made." woodwork
1980 "graham has worked very hard this term at basketball. his determined efforts have resulted in him reaching a good standard of performance." p.e.
1980 "can be a little quiet at times."
1980 autumn attendances (half days) 94/94.
1982 "graham continues to produce quality work, though if he could speed up, his skills may develop more fully. he would do well to make the most of his gift for drawing by making a concerted effort to produce some large scale detailed observational studies." art
1982 spring attendances (half days) 122/138.


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